PSN Plus Deluxe – 12 Month

12 Month Deluxe – PSN Plus Subscription.

  • EUR: € 41.06
  • GBP: £36
  • INR: ₹3,693.15
  • SAR: ﷼168.68
  • RUB: руб.3,568.26
  • AED: د.ا165.25
  • AUD: $66.70

PSN Plus Deluxe 12 Month / 1 Year Subscription

PSN PLUS Subscription Services Activation on New Account.
Works on All Region for PS4 or PS5 PlayStation Gaming Console.

→ Play with Friends – Multiplayer Gaming
→ Access Monthly Games
→ Game Catalog – Get Access to 200 Games
→ Ubisoft+ Classic
→ Classic Catalog
→ Game Trails – Get Access to New Game Titles

How it Works ?

→ We will activate Your Selected Subscription on Account, The Subscription is done in Turkey Region.
→ Once Subscription is Activated, You can Use on any Region PS4 or PS5 Console.
→ After Activation, Add the the Account on Your PS Console and Make it as PRIMARY ACCOUNT.
→ After the Account become PRIMARY, You can use all the PSN Feature on any other Account present on Your PS Console.
→ You can also Use the Account Directly, and Have Full Owner Ship of Account, Can Change any details including Password.
→ We can also renew Subscription on Same account in Future.


Guide to Create PSN Turkey Account and Get Backup Code/attention>
→ Go to
→ Create New PSN Account, Select Turkey as Country.
→ You can put 15003 as Postal Code and Istanbul as City and Same for State
→ Once Account is Created Go to Account Settings, Then Security, Then Enable 2A Security
→ Select Text option and Input your Mobile by Selecting Country Code, You will then get SMS code.
→ Enter Security Code, Login again, Go to Security Option again, Then select Backup Code.
→ Share one of the Backup Code along with PSN Email and Password.

Delivery Time

→ Activation can take from 30 min to maximum 24 hours due to Pending Order in queue or Server Issues.
→ If you want quick delivery, then always place order during Our Working hours 6AM to 6PM GMT.

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