Absolute Deduction Bundle

Absolute Deduction Bundle Game Account for XBOX One | XBOX Series X S Gaming Console.

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Absolute Deduction Bundle

Use your mind to investigate and your willpower to resist madness. Get a taste of two different sides of detective work! In the role of young Sherlock Holmes, use steely logic, powers of deduction, and encyclopedic forensics skills to crack even the most intricate crimes. And as Charles Winfield Reed, a retired US Navy sailor and World War I veteran who had to become a private eye, solve the mystery of the cryptic flood and face the madness that emanates from other worlds.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (Xbox Series X|S only): Story-driven detective thriller about young Sherlock Holmes’s adventures on an exotic and dangerous island in the Mediterranean where he strives to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s death. Interrogations, chases, combat, weapons, conspiracies, truth and lies dilemmas, different Jon, and psychological drama. It’s up to you to decide whether uncovering the truth will do more harm than good, and how that will shape the man you’ll become.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (Xbox One only): Our final story sheds some light on Sherlock’s adulthood. Sherlock is taking care of his stepdaughter Katelyn — a young girl whose true origin is being kept as a family secret. With Kaitlyn’s arrival back home, Sherlock faces a chain of strange events when a mysterious woman known as “Alice” becomes Holmes’s new neighbor. Her arrival may lead Sherlock to reveal more than he had initially intended.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (Xbox One only): A series of six cases are the foundations for our

Full Version / Complete Legit Game Account
Works on XBOX One , XBOX One S, XBOX One X and XBOX Series S | X

  • With Out Accounts You can Play Online Multiplayer or Story Mode.
  • Shared Account Procedure and Game Play require Permanent and Stable Internet Connection.

Important Notice

You will have complete access to Full Game for Lifetime. However, if Microsoft Change their Terms in any future updates for Shared Account and the Procedure no longer work which result in none-Functional of Shared Account or Game then We (Seller) are NOT Responsible. We can´t Control Users on Shared accounts, in rare cases its possible that because of a User, Who don´t follow the steps and misuse the Account can cause the Microsoft to Suspend or Ban Account. We offer Only 30 Days Refund Warranty if Account gets Suspended or Loading Procedure gets block. There will be no Warranty or Refund or Replacement if any of above Issue happens after 30 days of Purchase. So Only Proceed to Buy the Shared Game Account, If you fully Understand the Risk and Can afford to lose of what You are Paying for this Account.


Video Guide for Adding Account and Downloading Game.

Watch Video guides given below to know how this Shared Game Account works. 

Video Guide for Adding Shared Account.

Video Guide for Downloading Game from Shared Account.

Loading Method ( Procedure Require to Load the Game)

Loading Steps are most Important procedure of Shared Account, as You won't be able to just load the game directly, the method or glitch consist of steps is required to load the game, only done with perfection and correctly will Activate the game. We also offer Free Account which contains small game of 300MB, so you can quickly download it and try the loading procedure before purchasing the actual Shared Game Account. 

Contact Us VIA Online WhatsApp Support to Get Free Account or Order Placement. 

Video Guide for Loading Game. (The following steps are require for Playing the Game)

Loading Method 5.0


It is Important to Watch the above Video and fully Understand the procedure, as these are the Step that Activate the Game and You will be able to Load it from Your Personal Account.

Delivery Timings

→ We can only deliver Account during our Working Hours (6am to 6pm GMT).

Terms and Conditions

→ IT IS FORBIDDEN TO RESALE / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from your account to third parties!.
→ The account is not your property. You are not allowed to change any details including Game Tag, Address, Security or Password.
→ The online game require permanent Internet Connection, Slow internet or Downtime in Internet Connection may result in none-functional of Game.
→ The Account will be activated on Single (1) XBOX Console You Owned, There will be NO transfer of Account or Multiple XBOX Activation Offered.


We Offer Free Game Account So You can Try everything before Purchase. The Free Account Contains a Small Game Just 300MB of Size, So You can Quickly Download and Try the Loading Procedure. Contact Us on Telegram @CodeyOfficial to Add up Free Account.


Q1) Will I be able to PLAY the game from my Own Account ?
A1) Yes, Our Account will only be used to Download and Activate the Game. As per Our Video Guide the Game will launch and Play with Your Own Account, and Progress will be saved on Your own Account.

Q2) Can I Play Online, Multiplayer ?
A2) Yes You can Play online Multiplayer, However on XBOX Online multiplayer Gaming require LIVE GOLD or ULTIMATE GAMEPASS Subscription, So You need to have or get one of required Subscription.

Q3) Can I Play without Internet ?
A3) Internet is require to Download and Load the Game, it´s not Possible to download or load the Game without Internet.

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